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Studio Apartment

I'm moving to Guatemala! Read the blog post about it if you want/haven't already. So I need to get rid of stuff I'm not putting on a plane. They are giving me a semi-furnished apartment.


I will most likely not be gone forever. I still want a PhD in Black literature and I'm thinking I'll need to be in the states for that. So I'm not getting rid of my whole house. I want to come back to something.  But I don't want to store things for 2-5 years that are A) semi cheap, or B) not temperature controllable, or C) already old/used/no longer my size/style.


I will continue to update this page with photos. I will try to physically set things out for a physical garage sale in Midwest City this week.  If you look at the free section, please note these things are free because they are old or not in perfect shape. I am not trying to trick or swindle anyone. You can have it for free or I can toss it, but I'm a single mom and the fewer things I personally have to transport to the dump, the better.  I will start making dumpster plans on Friday; my lease is up on June 30. 

Social media (links in header) and email ( are the best places for us to negotiate. I'll haggle a bit but I'm already offering low. Pics coming slowly but surely. 

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