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Poetry eBook Dangerously Absurd Places

This book came as a surprise, quickly ahead of its hood twin, Mics and Echoes. These books were conceived of different time frames and from different locations. None of us knew we would all be in this present together.  Yet here we are. The poems in this book are about Oklahoma and love, about Guatemala and politics.

Dangerously Absurd Places.png

Shiny and Lit - Custom Poems

This is my newest and most exciting offering! You tell me what you want a poem about (within reason - I don't know astrophysics) and I write it for you. If you are patient, I can handletter the poem and then send it to you the next time I'm stateside. Let me tell you more about it!

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The Risk to Bloom

Purchase my first book of poetry for the teen and young adult women or femme presenting folx in your life. The poems are about life, love, growing up, and they tell a personal salvation story. I talk a little bit about Black and indigenous cultural issues and 2010s politics. You may purchase a physical copy or ebook.


Support My Writing - Exclusive Content

On my Ko-fi page, I post videos and blogs about the parts of my life and work that I'm not allowed to share publicly. I post unpublished poems, footage from my performances, and other creative pursuits. I have a connected Discord channel, and I use that space for my more revolutionary blog posts. You can subscribe for as low as $1 or make a one time donation of any amount you choose. 


Public Speaking and Poetry Performance

I love performing my poems for audiences and events. I can also speak to your staff, leadership team, or student body.

Book a discovery call with me about which of the following topics your group needs (they can be adapted for a variety of group sizes and time slots): Black history and culture, growth mindset, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.


Opal's Greenwood Oasis

In 2020 I co-authored a children's book with Qurarysh Ali Lansana about Black Wallstreet (the neighborhood in North Tulsa destroyed in the Tulsa Race Massacre). It's a great addition to your home or school library. There is nothing gory in it! We just wanted to show kids what Opal's oasis was like before. Buy a copy for a teacher and add on a lesson plan package!

Opal's Greenwood Oasis Cover.jpg

Teacher Collaboration - Education Consulting

I know how hard the job is! This is year 11 for me. Here's a link to a free online curriculum guide that I created with some colleagues a few years back. Set up a discovery call with me to talk about how to use this or other curricula.

FILA curric.jpg

Mics and Echoes

My second book of poetry is coming soon to a bookstore and link near you. The poems are about amplifying the voice of Black culture. There is just as much spirituality, but from a different lens, and even more politics. There is just a smidgeon of love in this volume; it's about love of my people - past, present, and future. 

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