I have been writing since I was little bitty. I have been performing even longer. I have always loved to sing, but I'm a better writer and speaker. I was in choirs all throughout high school and started reading my poems in public in college. 

My "day job" is teaching English in Millwood Public Schools and encouraging kids to let their creativity work for them instead of get them in trouble. 

I have written for several newsy/magazine-y type publications from college to now - The Loop Magazine,, VANE Magazine. I have written creative reviews for our beloved Urban Roots, RIP. I blogged for Soul Medicine, a collective of friends, and for a really great website, KAE, most recently.  I was blessed to be chosen to guest write for the place where fashion and philanthropy meet and kindness (is) above everything. 

I have had the opportunity to compete in poetry slams nationally (2010 and 2011), but didn't follow through with them, much to my chagrin. 2012 was my come-back and come-up year. I performed at Oklahoma City's Natural Hair Meetup Day in late spring; before rapper, Jabee at the Norman Music Festival; and had my first solo show in summer at Urban Roots, called "The Risk to Bloom." Videographer Marc Flemon has done a few videos of my work.

My first self-published poetry book "The Risk to Bloom" went on sale in March 2014. 

In 2015, I wrote the poem "Black Future," Jabee latched onto the concept and we turned it into an album "In the Black Future There's a Place So Dangerously Absurd."  The outtakes, or B sides, of that album were titled "Juneteenth" and released on that day.  The official album released August 13th. 

I perform when and where people ask me to although you can often find me at ICE Event Center. I post photos and quotes on my Instagram ( @najahamatullah ) and write introspectively on my blog here. If you tweet or pin on Pinterest you should follow me ( @najahamtullah), because there's a bunch of stuff on there as well.

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