I currently teach 7th grade English at a mid-high in a district where things are changing daily.  I don't know what the structure of my school will be next year or if my job will exist.  I also teach one section of middle school drama and I coach middle school cheerleading.  

Last year, I taught 7th grade English for the first time in the same district, but at a middle school (6th-8th grade).  I also taught one section of the AVID elective there.  I was the team leader, we had a common planning period and we met very regularly in addition to being in a group text.  We had special education co-teachers.  We loved all three of our administrators.  None of us work at that school anymore because 1) the district moved administrators without considering the staff's wants, 2) we needed different stipends/after school opportunities. 

From fall 2014 to spring 2017, I taught at the same high school in a small, independent district.  

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