My most recent education job is managing/monitoring/helping students work on their self-paced, completely online (with zero lessons created by local teachers) program.  This job was created in reaction to the pandemic and I was asked to do it as the only teacher at my school building, but with a few dozen across the district.  

In the pandemic spring 2020, I was ecstatic to leave "middle school land" and return to teaching English Language Arts to juniors and seniors.  I imagined I would work in this position until I transitioned to teaching at the university level or unless I moved to a different city.  Teaching in a pandemic handed everyone many surprises. 

2019-2020 - While the mid-high where I taught was split into separate schools, I signed a contract to remain in the high school building, teaching freshmen English.  I got an urgent call from my '17-'18 teammate. During the same shift where the district disbanded all mid-highs (3 others, including the one where I worked '18-'19), the middle school where we previously taught was being joined with the high school my teammates had moved up to. They needed a 7th grade English teacher so I made the switch, landing me at the high school where I had started, where I had always wanted to return. And so it went. Watch the video about "Pathway to Greatness."

2018-2019 - I taught 7th grade English at a mid-high in a district.  I also taught one section of middle school drama and I coached middle school cheerleading.  

2017-2018 - I taught 7th grade English for the first time (at a middle school - 6th-8th grade).  I also taught one section of the AVID elective there.  I was the team leader, we had a common planning period and we met very regularly in addition to being in a group text.  We had special education co-teachers.  We loved all three of our administrators.  Three-fourths of my team disbanded at the end of this year.  The other two were able to get positions at the high school. 

From fall 2014 to spring 2017, I taught at the same high school in a small, independent district. For two years, I taught tenth grade English, the AVID elective, and creative writing.  My third year, I switched to junior and senior English, retained the AVID elective, but lost creative writing.