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Late Post - Thesis and World’s AIDS Day

Subtitle: I love Danez Smith.

“A Reconvening of Black Diasporic Voices Through Aesthetics and Poetry”

It was touch and go for a minute. Almost didn’t make it. But all’s well that ends well. Thank you Love Symbol, Jennifer Long for being a fantastic cheerleader who is also graduating with a masters in like 10 days. I love doing this with you! 🖤

I was motivated to make a red graphic today for World AIDS Day. I’m certain that had chapter 1 been the last to edit, I wouldn’t have made it this semester. But thanks to the rare and epic poetic genius of Danez Smith, so much of chapter 3 was pure bliss to work on.

Insurgent mourning for those who suffer and those we have lost.

Resistance because we die on our feet before we live on our knees.

Glamour because if nothing else we’re gonna make sure it’s gorgeous.

Thank you Dr. Alicia Mountain and all my classmates for the Poetries of the HIV /AIDS Epidemic course in spring 2021.

I’ll do the rest of my thank yous and a graduation announcement after the verdict on Tuesday. No pressure to attend, but I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the option. Message me for link.

No matter what I was never planning to walk in graduation. Just prep your wallets to send gifts. 😘 If your Xmas budget is spent, I will accept gifts for at least 6 months. 😂🧿

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