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I'm Gonna Buy It Black

Cooperative Economics

To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together. 

My favorite thing about this day is the way our people have turned it into a lifestyle. I am posting early in case that helps to drive some business to the following people on the fourth day of Kwanzaa. I follow so many Instagram accounts that are about promoting Black businesses. Here are a few that stand out to me.

The ultimate inspo:

I love this account because I have a life goal to buy most things from Black-owned businesses, but the research is the hardest part. This account makes it much easier to fulfill the motto: if I have to buy it, I’m going to buy it Black.”

Oklahoma artists:

Those in thought leadership, like myself:


Business promoters:

CEOs and Business Developers:

I think one thing that gets us hung up about this (in addition to speed, ease, and price points) is when we choose not to buy from or promote other people’s work due to political and religious ideologies. I know this is an unpopular opinion. But I am Black first. I want Black folx who don’t believe like me to succeed regardless of their beliefs. I am believe that there are enough Black people with similar ideals that we can usually find the product we want from an aligned seller. If we can’t, I would still hope that we would promote those sellers. I recognize that to be the tallest order. I think it’s the only truly complicated part of this principle.

To support me for Cooperative Economics day, visit this link where all of my services are. I just published an eBook of poems and my subscription service also provides for one time donations.

If you are interested in digging into meditation and mindset work with a coach who has helped me unlock so many things, check out Amoya Shante.

If you want to read about a great Black woman CEO who I am learning business development from, order Nicole Walter's book from this Black, Panamanian woman-owned bookstore in Brooklyn.

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