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30th Year Redemption

The tax return would’ve covered the surprise baby. 

But new car. But pests in the apartment. But deposit on the new place. But setting up water and electric. 

Ends were just barely meeting when I was alone in a 550 square foot apartment. I’m a teacher in Oklahoma, and this job is the love of my life. But if you didn’t know before this April how little money we make, surely you know now. I’ve applied for second jobs but haven’t gotten any interviews. I’m still trying. 

I got majorly blessed with a new school, our raise, and the added stipends of coaching cheer and teaching drama in addition to English. Major blessing!! All of that covers daycare. 

If I’m ever gonna be out of the hole that life and baby has dug, I need more. 

I’ll be 30 in a few weeks (August 1, the first day of school) and I can’t afford a party (even a house party, like my OGs know I like to throw), or even one item of clothing, or dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. What do I want for my birthday? To not be such a financial failure. 

I have new poems. I want to record them and make an EP for you guys. But studio time costs money. Beats cost money. I have a business idea but everything has some start-up costs. I want to redesign my website but I need to pay a graphic designer to get my logo together. Heck, I could even put out a new book to sell, but there are upfront costs there too. Look in your heart and see if maybe you feel like blessing the 30th birthday game, so I can get back onto some firm ground and we can get back to rocking and rolling.

Y’all are dope! I love y’all for buying my last book! I love my donor who made sure I can get some new business cards! Any little thing helps. PayPal, CashApp, whatever. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 

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