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#WinterWondering #InnerG

It's been a couple of weeks. I took some time away. I thought I was going to come back with this huge and revolutionary insight. I thought that not being on social media was going to cause me to read my Bible and have a heart change. It wasn't magical that way. 

I've been a little bored. I've missed taking selfies that y'all don't look at. I've worn less makeup and done less hair. I bought books that I haven't started reading yet. I slept a lot. I hung with my mama and my friend and her littles. 

The problems I have that I was hoping to get some clarity on are still present and still real.

I have only discovered one thing. 

It wasn't a discovery but a memory. 


For me personally, it's not that social media is bad. It's that I need to read my bible and there are only 24 hours in a day. 

It's not that selfies are bad. It's that mySELF is more beautiful when my mind is on the high, godly things rather than the shallow, worldly things. 

It's not that I shouldn't date. It's that my love energy should be directed to God first, self next (some of y'all want to say God and self are same. See my post "Love God Herself" for my thoughts on that), and then my circle of influence. Any man whose circle of life doesn't touch mine is not mine. To reach outside my circle, even for love, is to use up valuable energy.

I'm just cultivating more love and more energy, becoming an Inner G.

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