• Najah Amatullah

#FallingIntoWinter 8

🍂🍁🍃 LEAVE. 🍃🍁🍂 

Pick up the books and pens. Pack as many changes of clothes as you can carry a long distance. Grab whatever will sustain you. Then run as fast and as far as your legs will carry you. 

🍂Leave the situation that is holding you back and causing you pain. 

🍁Leave the people who don't love you anyway. 

🍂Leave alone whatever wouldn't be appropriate to carry into your new situation. 

🍁Leave your slave tendencies behind so they can't harm your freedom. 

🍂Leave whatever doesn't fit anymore. There are new, cute outfits where you are going.

Stop wasting time and leave already, so you can get there. 🍁🍂🍃

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