• Najah Amatullah

#FallingIntoWinter 5

Just 🍂🍁🍃 FALL.🍃🍁🍂

You don't have this under control. You are not in charge. 

You cannot handle it.

You will miss the mark.

But make sure you fall on your knees, beloved, because Our Father is a professional at handling our chaos. Yahweh has never missed a millisecond of being in charge. The Almighty God does not even strain in the effort of orchestrating it all. It's nothing to Him. It's easy. And if we let the Lord carry our weight, we can watch Him turn impossible situations into past-tense miracles.

🍁 Falling is terrifying. We live in a world that only respects those who stand. We are supposed to stand under pressure. We're supposed to pull ourselves up. I'll be honest with y'all: that just isn't working for me. Being strong, showing fortitude is proving overrated for me.

🍂 The last couple of times I've allowed myself to cry in frustration and fear, to throw my hands up and my pen down, and say, "GOD, I CAN NOT DO THIS!" I've felt Him infuse me with just enough strength to get through that task or that day. And that's been gratifying. I've been falling more in love with my hero God as I've been allowing myself to drop a couple of notches in the world's esteem. This vulnerability is scary, but bravado was ineffective, so I'm trying some new things. If I keep falling, He'll keep catching and who knows where He'll set me back on my feet. 🍁

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