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  • Najah Amatullah

#FallingIntoWinter 2

🍂🍃🍁beLEAVE 🍁🍃🍂that God has a plan. Believe that He created you just like you are on purpose. Believe that the trials and fears and hurts that are unique to you are twinned with victories and joys and powers that can only be achieved by you. Believe that God has never once made a mistake so He won't start now. Believe that this does have an upside, that it could be beautiful if you could just find the right lens to look through.

Fall back on His grace (unmerited favor). Fall back on His mercy (complete lack of desire to punish you). Fall back on the faith (the tangible proof) He has for you. And listen for His still small voice. Pull your hair back, open your ears, and believe that He always has something to say.

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